Diggin' Up Bones

Reveals shame’s maniacal weaponry, joker-like masks and mind games causing psychological and emotional damage to the most vulnerable, manifesting itself in adulthood, and conceived and embedded across future generations. Shame thrives on victimhood and oppression,
trapping a fearful sick soul.



Kind Words From Readers

“Bonnie, I have endorsed many books over the years, but none as powerful as yours “An amazing book, truly. I actually sneaked away from family gatherings to keep on reading Digging Up Bones. It’s that good! And I’m not even a dog person. But Bonnie’s complete openness about her battle through shame and rejection, her journey to faith and healing through the dogs and the Lord that have changed her life, had me crying and clapping. Bonnie writes like a poet, with crystal-clear images and raw emotion, so every story has a powerful unforgettable message for the reader. If you or anyone you know has need for healing, encouragement, and a better life, please get this book.”

Dr. Alan Zimmerman, CSP, CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame

Author of Pivot, Payoff Principle, The Champion Edge

*All proceeds assist charitable organizations for recovery and healing.