As Marion Roach Smith says in her Foreword, “Do not mistake this for a mere dog tale. It is nothing of the sort.” She is correct. While there is a dog in the story, the true story is about faith and hope and healing. And this is a love story. We know, maybe directly and maybe anecdotally, the damaging power of shame and its sneaking ways in shrinking lives and drawing us down. But we can now learn from Wright and her magnificent story ways other than therapy or drugs to heal hearts and be expanded back to wholeness. When love arrives to help us heal we may not choose its form or its species. But love it is and Wright shows us how very powerful it can be.
This is a great book.

Diane Cameron

Writing Coach, Spiritual Director and author of Never Leave Your Dead

Ah, the power of pets… They can get us out exercising when our body says no, make us laugh when we didn’t think that we had anything to laugh about, get us up in the morning when we would rather cover our head with the blanket, and, like Bonnie Wright, be a reason to take better care of ourselves and heal a broken spirit. As this gifted author shares her path of recovery, she artistically unveils the heart of her beloved canine companion, Saxon, and realizes that the rough beginnings of this dog parallel her own broken life. It is then that she recognizes their destiny as soulmates, not only to mend the spirit of one another, but also to provide the gentle guidance to do the same for others. Making a difference in the lives of others makes life worth living. Bonnie and Saxon do this with abundance, touching—and making a difference
—for all who read their story.

Susan Krebsbach

DVM, Veterinarian and Practice Owner of Creature Counseling

I am astounded at the power of the human spirit to transcend pain and suffering. This is a story of survival, one in which this author shares her wretched childhood, victim to the DNA that has predicted her future. Somehow, her faith and her ability to see strength and perseverance in other species, give her hope and determination to rise above all odds. This writer discovers how her canine friend mirrors her own internal struggle. Their scars are not unlike one another. Determined to escape her hopeless past, she shares her journey of peeling away the layers of shame and abuse. She recognizes the power of her own spiritual being in providing hope and healing. She breaks the chain, and chooses to be set free. Her past remains unforgettable, but also no longer holds her a prisoner.

Marcia Danzinger

Registered Nurse & Energy Healing Practitioner

With brutal honesty and searing emotion, Bonnie Wright has used her personal life experiences to portray a healing undertaking of survival. I love how she credits her canine companions for the power of love, courage and joy they gave her so willingly. Each relationship was mutually beneficial, but that’s what dogs do. Unconditional love is a powerful tonic for healing. What is remarkable is how she transformed her rough beginning into a life mission of helping others, both people and animals. Great work, Bonnie!

Mary Stoffel

Author of, The Practical Power of Shamanism, Heal your life, loves and losses, Animal Communicator, Shaman, Master Avatar